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Monday, May 21, 2012

INSOMNIAC music video

Worm Carnevale and I were messing around with some clips from Murder She Wrote, although they had only been partially downloaded. Even though it hadn't completed, the video stuttered and it seemed pretty cool. So Worm filmed the TV (one with the big back) I have hooked up to my Macbook Pro as I manipulated the scrolling to created the effect you see in this music video for Insomniac, one of my favorite tunes off of Amongst the Dead. WARNING: Do not watch if you are prone to epileptic siezures.

The official music video for "Insomniac" off of the "Amongst the Dead" EP.
Vid Visuals © 2012, Drunk Uncle Records [DUR-001]
Songs written and produced by Dan Victor, © 2010
Filmed by Worm Carnevale
Music by Ductape Halo, Edited by Dan Victor

Dan Victor - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Reyes - Drums
Shamari Rockca - Keys

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